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Peng Xiuhua rose from the dead at her funeral (Southern Metropolis Daily)

A 101-year-old Chinese woman woke up from the dead at her own funeral in the south-eastern Guangdong Province.

Peng Xiuhua, from the Shenshuidong Village, had been found dead by her two daughters, both in their 70s, at her home.

She had lived alone since her husband died 11 years ago. She had fallen ill ten days before she 'died'.

When her daughters came to visit, they noticed their mother was not breathing and had no pulse and Peng was declared dead.

She was taken to a funeral home and her daughters had bathed her and dressed her in a shroud.

However, 16 hours later, just before she was about to be put in her coffin, she sat up and said "there you are!".

Mourners could not believe she was alive until they realised she was just as cheerful as she had been before she died.

When she realised what had happened, Peng said she was extremely fortunate and was pleased with the turnout to her funeral.

She said: "I am a lucky woman. Not only did I get to see how many people care for me, but I also woke up before they took me to the crematorium."

After waking up from the dead, the mourners turned the funeral party into a celebration and held a feast for Peng and her longevity.

People coming back from the dead at their funerals is not unknown.

In June last year, a Brazilian boy woke up from the dead at his funeral and asked for a glass of water. Two-year-old Kelvin Santos died again shortly afterwards.

Another Chinese woman, Li Xiufeng, 95, was presumed dead in February last year and was put in a coffin for a few days before her funeral.

However, when a neighbour went to check on her she found the coffin empty. Li told villagers afterwards: "I slept for a long time. After waking up, I felt so hungry, and wanted to cook something to eat. I pushed the lid for a long time to climb out."