10-month-old baby suffered second- and third-degree burns after her mother accidentally placed her car seat on a hot stove - Representational Image iStock

In an unfortunate incident, a 10-month-old baby girl has suffered second- and third-degree burns after her mother accidentally placed her car seat on a hot stove on Wednesday (24 January) in Ohio. She was reportedly trying to keep her child away from the family dog.

The child was flown to Children's Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, Ohio via Air Care and then moved to Shriners Hospital for Children, Addyston Police Chief Dorian LaCourse said. The officer added that the child was in a critical, but stable condition.

According to 911 call details, released by police on Thursday and reported by Fox19 news, a man called the emergency service to report the incident. "I need somebody here right now. This baby's 10 months old, she's burnt bad....Please hurry. She's got skin coming off and everything," the man reportedly said.

While the man was reporting the incident, the woman could be heard in the background saying: "I set her car seat on the stove and it was still hot...."

The man then relayed the information to the 911 dispatcher. While the call was still on, the couple took the baby outside into the cold air but the dispatcher told them to return.

Emergency officials said they received the called around 8pm local time on Wednesday and immediately rushed to the spot, from where the child was transferred to the hospital.

Meanwhile, police launched an investigation but, said that the incident appears to be an accident. The parents are cooperating with the police, LaCourse said, adding: "You have got to think constantly when you have young kids around. Be careful, be mindful of where you are putting kids."

He continued: "I wouldn't think something like this would have happened, but it did - but I don't know what goes through some people's minds sometimes. I'm sure the dog would have scratched her or something. Sure, put her up, but was there a table close by you could have put her on? It's hard to say.

"I don't know what the set up in the house is like but, still, I don't think I would have ever put a kid on a stove," he added, according to the news outlet.