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(Representational purpose) The godmother and grandmother were arrested after an 11-month-old baby was identified with severe injuries Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

The grandmother and godmother of an 11-month-old baby have been arrested after the child showed signs of extensive injuries. Cordette Cole and Breanna Cole of Oklahoma have been held on suspicion of child abuse and neglect after the young boy had to have his foot amputated due to severe burns.

According to the court affidavit, the baby was in the care of his relatives while his mother looked after another sick child. He was brought in to the OU Children's Hospital on 25 December for a breathing issue. On examining the child, doctors found that he had multiple bruises on his head and neck, and had suffered a subdural hematoma.

Investigators told KFOR that medical staff also found burns spanning from his navel to his feet. One burn on his leg was so severe that they were forced to amputate the limb.

"[If the child] received proper medical treatment immediately, he would have not had had to have his leg amputated," one medical examiner told the police.

On being questioned, the suspects claimed that the boy had suffered a seizure in early December during which he accidentally spilled boiling water on himself. Despite the severity of the burns, the two women choose to take care of the baby at home instead of bringing him to a hospital.

On pointing out the discrepancies in her account, the godmother, Breanne, kept altering her story. She along with Cordette were booked with a million dollar bond each.

The child's parents' statement has not been released to the media.

In another shocking case of child abuse, a mother from Oklahoma City was charged after videos she filmed showed her abusing her infant child. Twenty-year-old Juanita Herrera allegedly hurt the child because the father hurt her.

According to the police report, authorities identified Herrera in two videos in which she pulls the baby's hair and pinches the child's arm.