A girl wrote this simple note to find out if a boy liked her

A young girl's attempt to find out if a boy she liked felt the same way has become an internet hit.

The 11-year-old sent a simple note with the words: "Do you like me?" giving him the choice to tick yes or no boxes.

Rather than giving her the definitive answer she was looking for, unfortunately the boy responded by saying: "I don't know. I don't know myself yet. Plus I'm under a lot of stress at home, so I can't tell."

As a piece of advice though he warned: "You don't know yourself until you're 18."

love letter

It was posted by a friend's mother to the Imgur photo-sharing site to the amusement of hundreds of users.

LucianSoul2 posted: "The kid is a gentleman."

"This kid has a better handle on his life than I do", user Jbur added.