10-year-old Ivan from Zheleznogorsk, Siberia would have been one of the youngest fathers known to human history had a doctor not rubbished claims made by 13-year-old Darya. Darya and her family claimed that Ivan had impregnated her. However, on a television show, a specialist doctor revealed that examinations proved that Ivan was too young to produce sperm

Rossiya 1 channel show "Father at 10!?", hosted by Andrey Malakhov revealed the faces of the child and teen at the centre of the pregnancy controversy. With permission from the parents, Ivan and Darya appeared on the television show briefly. Ivan's parents agreed to medical tests which could prove that Ivan was not the father of the child.

Evgeny Grekov, a urology and andrology expert, was called in to examine Ivan. It was revealed by Grekov that Ivan was not the father of the child. Grekov claimed that they checked the medical report thrice to ensure the result. Examinations proved that Ivan's sex organs were immature. The boy's body was not producing sperm cells and does not have testosterone. These indicate that the child has not yet hit puberty and could not have impregnated Darya.

Teen Pregnancy
The doctor who examined the 10-year-old boy claims that 13-year-old could not have been impregnated by him. vedicviews-worldnews.blogspot.

The claims of the doctor support those of Ivan's family and neighbours who believe that Darya was impregnated by a different partner. They believe that Darya and her family targeted Ivan as a scapegoat.

However, Psychologist Denis Davydov who interrogated Darya seem to believe the teen's claims according to The Sun. Davydov recalled that when Darya was asked about having other sexual partners, she gave a "sharp rejection." Based on his analysis of Darya's responses Davydov supported her story.

Darya told the viewers that the sexual encounter was Ivan's idea. She narrated that the two had sexual intercourse in Ivan's home while his mother was in another room. Darya thought that since Ivan was so young sex would not have any consequence. Ivan also accepted having sex with Darya. When asked if he thought of the consequences of having unprotected sex the child stated that he had not thought about it.

Darya and her mother are sure that they will be keeping the baby. It is too early in the pregnancy to get a DNA test done. Once the DNA test is conducted the identity of the father can be conclusively proven.