Norwegian Cruise Line has promised passengers an unforgettable "mystical fjords tour" for up to £5,300 per head. Instead of taking the passengers to Amsterdam, Norway, Iceland and France, the ship spent three days at sea. After failing to dock, the Norwegian Spirit's sewage system started to overflow. Passengers complained that the food being served had gone bad. Norwegian Cruise Line refused to sail back to the United Kingdom to give the passengers a full refund. The cruise line will only be giving the passengers a 25% discount on their next cruise.

The cruise left Southampton on September 27, and its first stop was supposed to be at Le Havre, France. Due to high winds, the ship failed to dock at both France and Amsterdam. The ship then set sail for Norway, where they finally docked. However, the ship took the passengers to an isolated town which was closed to tourists.

Instead of getting a good view of the fjords, the passengers were stranded in a nearly deserted town with a distant view of the fjords. During their stop, the passengers had nowhere to eat nor any place to visit since the town had been closed to tourists since September 25.

Norwegian Cruise Lines
REUTERS/Alexandre Meneghini

Passengers were informed that instead of going to Iceland, the ship would be sailing to Greenock near Glasgow. However, the ship failed to receive permission to dock there due to bad weather and a Navy ship which was docked there.

The cruise was primarily booked by British, American and Chinese passengers. The Daily Mail reported that for inside cabins, passengers paid a minimum of £1,799. Ocean view rooms cost upwards of £2,000. The luxury cruise ship is supposed to have 17 dining options including a casino, spa, theatre, fitness centre, and an aqua park. Passengers reported that food at the restaurants had become stale.

When the passengers wanted the cruise line to refund their money for the hellish trip, the company only offered a 25% discount on the next cruise. This news was the final straw which led to the passengers rioting against the crew members. One passenger claimed that the crew shut down the ship's internet to prevent videos of the riot from being posted on social media. A passenger from Los Angeles claimed that the crew took away the passport of some of the passengers without any explanation.

Finally, the ship docked at Belfast from where many passengers decided to cut their nightmare cruise short and make their own way back to London.