Tom, a 4-year-old boy in Recife, Brazil, cheekily ordered R$400 BRL (approximately £55) worth of McDonald's through his mum's mobile phone.

The young boy reportedly got himself six burger promos, six Happy Meals, ten Ovaltine milkshakes, two strawberry sundaes, two 12-pack chicken nuggets, eight bottles of water, two McFlurries, a large French fries with bacon and cheddar, two apple pies, grape juice and eight extra Happy Meal toys.

Despite the massive order, Mum Raissa Andrade, 32, said that Tom was not completely satisfied. When confronted about his massive fast food haul, the boy said, "Mum, the golden minion didn't even come".

Andrade was unaware that her son had used her phone to place the extensive order until the delivery arrived. She got a call from reception and was told that ten bags of food had arrived for her. According to the Mirror, the mum believes that the boy observed her ordering food frequently during the pandemic. He then proceeded to order some food himself.

Despite the massive order, none of the McDonald's treats went to waste. After Tom and his mum had their fill, they also shared some of the food with family members who were living in the same building.

However, Andrade admitted that this isn't the first time that her son ordered food delivery through her phone. "I laughed, cried and then sat down to eat and drink a milkshake," she said.

Andrade shared a photo of Tom on Instagram, where he could be seen sitting at a table filled with all of his McDonald's orders. The incident cost Andrade more money than she wanted to spend for one dinner, but instead of reprimanding her son, she admitted that the laughs the incident brought were priceless.

She said that the clever boy lifted her spirits during a time when she was feeling particularly down due to some health issues. Those who commented on her post also praised the cheeky boy.

McDonald's Photo: AFP / Emmanuel DUNAND