Social media influencer Gainer Bull revealed his secrets in keeping his "fat fetish" lifestyle, to the delight and entertainment of his loyal followers. The 500-lb Florida resident says he has found a money-making niche within a thriving community who appreciates his "ball gut."

It was 20 years ago when "erotic eater" Bryan ( his real name ), started packing on the pounds and hitting the scales at 180 lbs. The 44-year-old Palm Beach local says his weight gain took on a whole new sexual twist when he was in his teens, feeling more aroused as he got bigger.

"It turned sexual in my teens when I realised the idea and process of getting bigger excited me more than anything else." he explained.

In his interview with Metro, he revealed his online "loading sessions" would require him to eat about 10,000 calories each day, which is about four times the average amount of food an adult male consumes. For him to maintain his belly bulk, it became a pretty expensive venture. This lit up a light bulb that led him to the thought of capitalising on something he loves to finance the food he needed to keep up with his fetish. He set up an OnlyFans account as well as an Instagram page and has gained quite a following from fans who actually encourage him to eat more as they keep track of his weight gain.

He said: "It's been years of escalating my intake and binging to increase my capacity. But these days, just the regular eating keeps me going though sometimes an encourager [sic] or two like to really push me to go much farther."

Although he has not divulged the actual number of paying subscribers on his OnlyFans account to date, he has about 1,000 posts on it and subscribers get access to his content with a $20 ( £ 15 ) payment a month. His Instagram page is abuzz with 7,700 followers all eager to be in the loop of his regular updates on his growing ball of belly love.

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Bryan acknowledges the health risks associated with his extreme lifestyle but he tries to always eat a balanced diet between junk food, fruits/veggies and high protein.

Erotic weight gain has been an accepted sub-culture in the gay community where gay men revel in describing themselves as "bears" and "chubs." However, this is not limited to the LGBTQ community. Fat fetishism and feederism have existed ever since people started to expand and explore their sexuality.

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