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An advertisement on the Facebook marketplace about a Stanley cup has left the internet divided. The debate began after a TikTok user shared a post highlighting how a woman has been renting out her Stanley cup for selfies.

"I have a pink Stanley cup available for photo shoot" TikTok user @e4stsidem4rios reads out loud in a video posted on the app. "Selfies with it are $5 (£3.95) and I can meet at the mall during the day. Message me to book a time, I'm literally booked up all afternoon on Wednesday".

"Can somebody tell me why someone is selling selfies with their pink Starbucks Stanley cup on Facebook?" she asks. The video went viral on social media soon after being posted. It had garnered more than 1.1 million views as of Sunday.

"Late stage capitalism is gonna kill us all," commented a user. "This is gonna be in psychology textbooks," another added. "Imagine people asking 'I never saw you with your Stanley cup again, did you lose it?' and that person having to keep the lie going," joked another.

While some others pointed out that they might not be totally against the idea of renting one instead of buying it. "PLS I WANNA DO IT JUST FOR SH**S AND GIGGLES," a user wrote. "Respect the hustle, girl is booked up," said another.

Earlier in January, a similar ad was posted on the Facebook marketplace wherein someone was offering people the opportunity to get selfies with a pink Stanley cup for $10 (£7.91) per photo.

"If you couldn't buy one, now is your chance to take some cool pictures," read the post.

The "winter pink" Stanley cups have become a rage over the last few months, with more and more people trying to get their hands on them. Celebrities and influencers have all been spotted with these tumblers. The cups were being sold for around $300 (£237.16) on Valentine's Day. Some stores in the US even saw people forming long queues just to get one of them.

The winter pink shade tumblers were launched as part of a limited Target and Starbucks collaboration and were available for sale "while supplies last". Viral videos in January showed people trying to grab the cups off a display shelf at a store. The tumblers come in several colours and sizes, but the pink ones were in limited stock and that is what possibly made it famous among social media users.

In fact, the product has a dedicated hashtag with more than 241 million views of the #stanleyquencher on TikTok.