At least 65 people, including 10 minors, were arrested in Baltimore after demonstrators participating in a march against alleged police brutality blocked traffic along Interstate 83, to the north of downtown Baltimore, the police said.

David Blair, one of the organisers of the march called Afromation, told the Baltimore Sun that the protesters blocked the highway for two to three minutes after which police officers asked them to lift the blockade to let an ambulance pass.

Blair, who was not arrested, said: "We complied with the officers. I think there are so many people that deserve to get arrested — not peaceful protesters."

Baltimore police spokesperson Lieutenant Jarron Jackson said in an email statement: "Once on the interstate, they locked arms and blocked traffic along the northbound lanes for a short period of time before officers arrived and began making arrests." Police said those arrested will be charged with illegally walking on a highway and failure to obey.

Blair said the police did not use force though some of them were made to kneel. The protesters demanded changes in laws and more police accountability.

Lawrence Brown, another participant, said the protest was "an affirmation of black life in the face of so much black death".

The protest was organised in response to the shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling last week. The Black Lives Matter movement came under fire after five white police officers in Dallas were killed by sniper Micah Johnson.

Black Lives Matter LA
Black Lives Matter activists and supporters protest on the steps of Los Angeles City Hall in Los Angeles, California, following a Police Commission ruling that officers acted within department policy in the killings of two southern California civilians over the past year [File photo] Getty Images