A 7-year-old boy was dragged into a river and eaten alive by a giant crocodile in front of his sisters in Telega Air in Brunei. The boy was playing by the riverbank near his house when the incident occurred.

Mohd Adammi Moktar was playing with his older sisters, aged 11 and 12, when the 20-foot crocodile attacked him last week. The girls screamed for help, but the boy could not be saved. Their grandmother, Bibah Harup, arrived at the scene while the reptile was dragging the boy, but she could not do much to help save him.

"I heard my two granddaughters shouting 'Boyak! Boyak!' (Crocodile! Crocodile!) and quickly turned around to see the crocodile clamping its jaws down on my grandson's head," said Harup.

"At that moment, I could see his arms and legs were flailing from the reptile's jaw," she said and added that the crocodile had a white belly and was almost black in colour. "We never expected it to come so near to our house."

Harup further stated that she had often seen the crocodile swimming in the river near their home but did not ever think that it could attack anyone, per a report in The Mirror.

The Fire Department's diving corp, Safety Water and Rescue Team and the police have all been looking for the boy's body. The authorities claim that there could be more crocodiles in the area and the hot weather may push them to come out in search of food.

"Given the hot weather now, it is possible that it is the season for the reptiles to surface or to mate or find food to survive. Hence, my advice to the residents living by the riverbanks is to always be cautious when carrying out activities by the river," warned Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department Zone 1 chief Yusri Basri.

representational image Photo: pixabay