Recently, this photo went viral:

Apple Sues Samsung
Rolling in it

After Apple won a $1 billion lawsuit against Samsung, social media was filled with tittle-tattle that, to get their own back on Apple, Samsung had paid the one billion dollar fine with 30 trucks of five cent coins. This got us thinking. What other ridiculous methods of payments have there been and why? Here's eight to make you laugh.

1) Doughnut Box Origami Pigs

A man was so aggrieved by a $137 traffic violation ticket that he folded 137 dollar bills into pigs and delivered the fine in two Dunkin Donut boxes. Orig-hami at its finest.

Redefining the term piggy bank
Smells like bacon
A pork origami army

2) Spider drawing

This man could not afford to pay his bills (totalling $233.95) so took it upon himself to create another way of payment: a drawing of a spider. Despite his admirable attempt, his offer is knocked back, not because the spider only has seven legs, but because it's ludicrous. See the legendary email exchange below.

You have to admire this man's artistic effort
Spider 2

3) Squats

Working hard for their commute before they even get to work

This revolutionary ticket machine has been installed in a Moscow subway station, accepting only exercise as a currency.

The has resulted in Russian commuters at Vystavochnaya station completing 30 squats in two minutes to get their hands on a free metro ticket.

Boris is undoubtedly cooking up something similar for London.

4) 5 cent coins

This incredulous Australian driver got perfect revenge on his local council when he paid a £35 driving fine with 1,200 coins. He politely asks "Is cash alright?" before pushing the wave of coins over the counter at the cashier. He didn't even bother to bag them!

5) Bananas

Man Buys Car With Bananas
The guy who put the ad up must have gone bananas

In 1983, a car dealer posted an advert for a Cadillac that read "First 10,000 Bananas Takes It". Little did he know that someone would take him up on the offer and arrive at his dealership with 10,000 bananas. The total cost of the bananas came to $1,100, less than half the price of the Caddy. What a result.

6) 29 cheques

69 Cheques

This irate driver chose an alternative method to coins in her quest to annoy her finers, sending 29 separate cheques of small amounts to cover her £60 fine for parking in a disabled bay. That'll show 'em for fining someone for pretending to be disabled..

7) Penis

Card Machine
Best first date ever

When you run out of change, this card machine seems to accept any form of payment imaginable.

8) Octopus

Cash or Octopus
For when you've only got a few squid left

This Japanese shop doesn't mind whether it gets it's money in notes or in ink. Octopi Wall Street wouldn't be happy about this.