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Channel 4's Bin Laden: Shoot to Kill: Gutsy Move to Shoot Osama Bin REUTERS

Following 9/11 and despite Al-Qaeda claiming the attacks, conspiracy theories emerged rapidly, with many blaming a Zionist enterprise. While many claim a Zionist involvement, very few seem able to explain how Bin Laden, a symbol of the fight against the West and the infidels for many Islamist extremists, apparently worked hand in hand with the Jewish lobby groups to prepare the attacks.

Most of the conspiracy theories insisting the leadership behind the attacks was more Zionist than Islamist. However for such bizarre beliefs to be taken seriously one would have to assume that Osama Bin Laden himself was a secret pro-Zionist and was part of a Zionist plot aimed at world domination.

While some theories accuse Israeli army veterans, an Israeli spy ring or even the media, most fail to give even a walk on part to al-Qaeda, preferring instead to focus on Jews. The surge of such theories also angered al-Qaeda leader Al-Zawahri, who at the time accused Hezbollah and Iran of being behind the rumours saying "The purpose of this lie is clear - (to suggest) that there are no heroes among the Sunnis who can hurt America as no else did in history. Iranian media snapped up this lie and repeated it," he said.

"Iran's aim here is also clear - to cover up its involvement with America in invading the homes of Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq."

Conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 do not stop at Zionist involvement and a website: 9/, even lists 40 top reasons to doubt the story presented to us about the al-Qaeda attacks in New York and explains its aim as :

"Educating about 9/11 Truth. As the leading portal of the September 11th research community and truth movement, and its staff members have accumulated vast practical experience in investigation and in campaigns for education, visibility, media, lobbying, street action and litigation.

"Linking to New York and the honors and follows the September 11th families who fight for full disclosure; the first responders who paid the ultimate price; the Ground Zero workers who risked their health in the aftermath of the disaster; the New Yorkers and others who were primary targets of the trauma and psychological warfare of 9/11/2001; the researchers who are rigorous in logic and relentless in running facts to ground; the whistleblowers and eyewitnesses speaking out against the September 11th cover-up; and all citizens of courage who are ready to come forward in the fight for justice and truth.

"Leading a Political Transformation. We understand that September 11th was an international disaster that sparked a negative global transformation, and that control of its interpretation partly determines how one views the world. looks not to create a new conspiracy industry, but to achieve full disclosure of hidden realities that affect all of our lives, that we may finally be sovereign as a democratic people. We work to win the hearts and minds of the people. "

Ten years after the attacks and despite the death of Al-Qaeda number one, 9/11 is still making the headlines, with many still doubting the official account from the U.S. In addition the Al-Zawahri, accusation towards Iran and Hezbollah proves that Al-Qaeda's enemies are not only in and from the West but also from within the Muslim world.