A 9-year-old boy prevented a family tragedy after recalling what he saw in a YouTube video. Kian Aliffe was alone with his grandmother when she suffered a seizure while taking a bath. Following what he had seen in a YouTube video, Aliffe ensured his grandmother was safe, called an ambulance, and his mother.

Aliffe was staying at his grandparents' home in Llangennech, Wales. On the day of the incident, Aliffe had been left alone under the care of his 51-year-old grandmother, Angela Jones. The partially deaf child had his earphones on when he heard faint splashing and his name being called.

Unsure of what he had heard, the curious child went to the bathroom to investigate the sound. He discovered his grandmother drowning in the bath. While Jones' eyes were open, her head had gone under the water.

woman in bath
51-year-old woman was saved from drowning by 9-year-old boy. Max Charping/https://www.flickr.com/photos/dearmax/4381083230/in/photostream/

Aliffe recalled seeing a YouTube video where a girl had suffered a seizure in a swimming pool. The girl was rescued after she was dragged out of the pool. Remembering what he had seen Aliffe raised Jones' head out of the water. He quickly turned the tap off and pulled the plug of the bath to drain it. Once the tub was dry, he stabilised his grandmother in the tub and went in search of help.

Wales Online reported that Aliffe first went to his neighbour's house but he got no answer after knocking on the door. He then called 999 and informed emergency services of the incident. Aliffe also called his mother, Hailey Davies, who did not respond to the calls. Aliffe sat outside the home waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

Before the ambulance arrived, Davies reached the home. Davies had been driving so she did not take the call. However, when she got the two missed calls from Aliffe, she drove directly to the home of her parents.

At the hospital, doctors informed the family that Jones had fluid in her brain which caused her seizure. The hospital staff appreciated the quick-thinking boy's actions, which prevented the incident from becoming fatal.

The mother-of-two who constantly told her children to stop staring at the screen, deemed her child a "hero" for putting his YouTube-based knowledge to good use.