Abla Fahita Egyptian TV show controversy
A still image from the YouTube video YouTube

Abla Fahita, the popular Egyptian puppet, has again stirred controversy in the country after posing in a nightgown with two half-naked men.

The promo of the puppet's new show Live From The Duplex has triggered sharp criticism for encouraging porn on TV.

The controversial show will be aired on privately owned TV channel CBC and is classified 'adult only.'

In the promo, puppet Fahita can be seen wearing a nightgown and in bed ordering two bodyguards to remove their clothes one by one.

"Are you the bodyguards? Let's start with the body, take off your jackets... and the shirts. Stretch your chests. Bend over to pick up the boots with your teeth. The boots with feathers, feathers!" Abla Fahita tells the men standing before her.

Egyptian social media users have claimed that the promo of the CBC show is filled with "sexual innuendos that are inconsistent with the country's traditions," Alarabiya reported.

Besides, the network has put up controversial hoardings to market the show. In one such poster, the puppet is shown reading Fifty Shades Of Grey.

According to the Cairo Post, the puppet first emerged on YouTube in 2010 as a widow. But she became famous after she appeared along with her puppet daughter Caroline (Caro) in a video mourning the election of former president Mohamed Morsi.

In 2013, Abla appeared in a Vodafone advertisement in which she was seen searching for a SIM card for her dead husband. However, anti-revolution activists of the country accused of her being a terrorist and her ad campaign as a coded message for a planned attack on a shopping complex.

After the incident, the 'Free Abla Fahita' campaign was launched on social media and the fictional puppet rose to fame again. She now has over two million followers on her official Facebook page.

Watch the controversial show promo video below.