Elizabeth Debicki  as Princess Diana in "The Crown"
Elizabeth Debicki reprises her role as Princess Diana in the sixth and final season of the Netflix series "The Crown". Photo: The Crown/Netflix The Crown/Netflix

Elizabeth Debicki opened up about what she learned about Princess Diana from playing the late royal in "The Crown" during the show's season 6 premiere in Los Angeles on Saturday, November 11.

The 33-year-old Australian actress said that she "learned a lot" about the princess thanks to her role in the Netflix show. She told People: "I don't think you come anywhere near sort of learning as much as I learned about this character and not feel that the only thing worth doing in life is putting love into the world."

Debicki added that through "The Crown" she also learned about Princess Diana's personality and mentioned her sense of humour.

She shared: "I mean, I think I learned things about the degree to which she had an enormous and wicked sense of humor, the difficulties that she was facing, the way that she triumphed through them, the way she used her voice in a way that was sort of very progressive at the time. Yeah, I learned a lot."

Debicki played the late Princess of Wales from season 5 of "The Crown". The sixth and final season of the Netflix show will span the 1990s and early 2000s. It will depict the icon's final days before her tragic death from a car accident in Paris in August 1997, as seen in the trailer. The first part of season 6 will arrive on November 16.

Elsewhere, the actress opened up about the "immense responsibility" she and those involved with the show feel to get things right, specifically with Princess Diana's death.

"An immense, immense responsibility. It's difficult to describe, it was something that we thought about, that we carried with us, that woke us up in the night," she said.

In response to concerns voiced over the depiction of the princess' death, Debicki assured viewers that the subject was handled sensitively on "The Crown". She said they tried their "very best to do (the story) properly".

"My message is just -- thank you for sticking with the show, thank you for watching it. I hope that we give you what you need from it," she replied when asked what she would tell fans of the show.

Debicki also admitted that portraying Princess Diana was far from easy. But she felt contented in the end and hopes that viewers will also feel the same when "The Crown" ends. She shared that "it was a very difficult and also very beautiful thing to be asked to do as an actor. So as much as it was very harrowing, it was also -- there was a sort of grace to it at the same time."