Chilling image: Battered features of woman
Chilling image: Battered features of woman

A woman who was regularly beaten up by her violent partner has made a video to highlight the terrifying results of domestic violence.

Shocking images show a pretty young woman with heavy injuries to her face which she claims were inflicted by her partner.

The unnamed woman took a picture of herself every day for a year in 2012 to make a composite stream of images that show her decline from cheerful, beautiful woman to frightened punchbag.

Below the video, entitled "One photo a day in the worst year of my life", she writes "please help me".

More than four million views have been racked up by the video since it was uploaded in March.

The footage appears to be part of a campaign to raise awareness about the domestic violence. A link contained in the video to another video warns viewers about abuse in relationships.

"Domestic violence becomes increasingly brutal over time. One in three women in the world fall victim to abuse in the lifetime. Many of them will not live to see the next day," it says