Standing half naked in the Californian sun, a number of activists protested against the objectification of women outside a Bernie Sanders rally in the most populous state of the US. The presidential candidate, Sanders, was speaking in Sacremento on 9 May.

Seven female protesters stood, in white underwear, holding hands outside the rally, with a number of insulting and negative words and phrases written on their bodies; "fat", "bitch", "broken", and "whore".

The video of the protest was uploaded to Instagram after the event by Sean Inez. While it is not clear who the protesters are, or which organisation – if any – they belong to, a number of the group can be seen in another picture of the rally uploaded to Instagram by Deanna Saechao.

Sanders was speaking in Sacremento ahead of the Californian primary vote on 7 June. He currently trails rival Hilary Clinton by 800 delegates.


Be proud of who you are. #BernieSanders #BernieSandersRally

A photo posted by Deanna Saechao (@dlooww) on May 9, 2016 at 7:15pm PDT