US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has promised to "fight for every single vote" in the campaign for the Democratic nomination. The Vermont senator was speaking in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on 9 May 2016. He said, "Don't let anybody tell you this campaign is over. We're going to fight for the last vote we can."

Sanders trails rival Hilary Clinton by more than 800 delegates in the race for nomination. Nine states and Washington DC are still yet to vote in the caucuses.

However, Sanders recently defeated Clinton in Indiana, and has until the Democratic primary elections on 7 June to mount his challenge. The winner there will most likely take on presumptive Republican candidate Donald Trump in the general election in November.

Also on 9 May, Sanders crossed the country to speak at another rally in Sacremento, California, where he told supporters that Trump will fail in his White House bid.

"Donald Trump will not become president because American people will not elect a candidate who insults Latinos, the Mexicans, who insults Muslims, who insults women and veterans, who insults African-Americans," he said.