Adele's Songs can make you Gay
Adele's Songs can make you Gay Adele/Facebook

Yes, you heard it right! Listening to Adele's songs, choosing a well-pressed, colourful check shirt and preferring classical music -- all these can make you gay, according to Texas-based doctor.

Dr John Smid, who was once reportedly charging £1,800 to cure the 'gay disease', has said Adele's songs encourage becoming gay, a British documentary on gay sex 'cure' has revealed.

In the controversial documentary, Dr Christian Jessen went incognito to expose the weird and bizarre therapies that claim to 'cure' homosexuality.

In Channel 4's one-off documentary Undercover Doctor: Cure Me, I'm Gay, Jessen discovers the so-called aversion therapies and gay rehabs which flourish secretly in the US and UK.

During the process he met several doctors, quacks and even exorcists and realised that there are shocking and weird treatments that offer to 'de-gay' a person.

Before and after getting 'treated' himself, Jessen did his sexual orientation test at the Cornell University to check if the 'cure' had any impact on him.

During a shocking aversion therapy, Jessen was locked up in a room filled with pictures of naked men and administered a syrup to induce vomiting.

The treatment process also included an audio tape that explained why being gay is worthless and evil, and why a man must always want to have sex with women.

Jessen also went to an east London ministry which claims to perform exorcism "to kill the gay demon" and release the man from evil.

"The most shocking thing was that these religious leaders do not believe we were born gay, but that it's a condition caused by childhood trauma," the gay doctor said in the C4 documentary.

"I am astounded that in this day and age people still think that being gay is a curable condition. It's a load of utter rubbish," Jessen said.