This Vancouver dad has started an amazing tradition with his young daughter, taking her out on a "date" every month for an entire year.

Caitlin Fladager shared a post on Twitter explaining that her husband has started a tradition by taking their daughter out on "dates" each month in 2017, bringing her flowers, helping her pick out a dress and then taking her for dessert.

The post has since been retweeted 26,000 times and liked almost 107,000 times, with many recalling their own childhoods. Celina Padilla shared a similar story: "My dad used to do this with me and it's one of my best memories growing up. I would go to my nana's house and she would get me ready and he'd pick me up all dressed up at the front door with flowers."

Another user responded: "I love this. This reminds me so much of my childhood with my dad." Fladager also retweeted a message that said: "She's going to have so much self love and never settle for anything less than what she deserves cause he's shown her true love."

Fladager became pregnant four years ago when she was just 18, and has since got married and had two children with her then 17-year-old boyfriend. After telling the internet about his daughter dates, Fladager added: "My husband was only 17 when I got pregnant with our daughter & I was told to expect him to leave. 4 years ago, when I asked him how he would be different than any other teen dad, he said "I guess you'll have to wait and see so I can show you" He definitely did."

In January, when the daddy-daughter dessert dates began, Fladager explained the idea in a Facebook post. She wrote: "My husband decided once a month he will take our little girl out on a 'date' where she gets all dressed up and gets taken out for cake and ice cream.

"Tonight was there first night doing it. He helped her pick out a dress for her to wear, got a little purse ready for her, held the door open for her, and made her feel like a princess. She loved it was so happy when she got home. She will always know how she deserves to be treated because her dad sets such a high example."

Numerous mums replied to the post asking if they could steal the idea, and Fladager also said she would start doing mummy and son "dates" with her baby boy when he is old enough.