Nurten Taycur
Nurten Taycur, 28, wanted the 'hitman' to use her husband's Kurdish heritage to make the killing look like a politically motivated Isis attack. Metropolitan Police

A woman who hired a "hitman" to kill her husband and make it look like a terrorist attack was jailed on 13 May for soliciting to commit murder. Nurten Taycur, from the London borough of Hackney, faces a sentence of six years imprisonment for hiring someone she believed was a contract killer.

The 28-year-old met with the alleged hitman six times during the period of 13 November and 11 December 2015. However, the Metropolitan Police have now confirmed that the man was actually an undercover Metropolitan Police officer who had launched a special operation to foil Taycur's plans after receiving intelligence on her.

In secret audio messages recorded by the undercover officer, Taycur can be heard asking the "hitman": "Where are you gonna stab him? In the heart or in the back; where? He is definitely gonna go, yeah? What I was thinking is if you stab him in the car, but you need to guarantee that if you stab him he needs to be dead."

Taycur asked the "hitman" to cut her husband's throat and have the word "Isis" daubed on the outside of his car to disguise it as a politically motivated attack related to her husband's Kurdish heritage. The mother-of-two told the undercover police officer that she had been having an affair outside her marriage and wanted her husband out of the picture.

During the interaction with the "hitman", a sum of £5,000 was agreed for the killing. Taycur also provided a down payment of £1,000, along with a photograph of the intended victim and details of his vehicle and registration number.

"Nurten Taycur planned this muder with enthusiasm," said Detective Inspector Paul Foreman of the Met's Special Projects team. "She asked that the victim's body not be disposed of so that she could have 'a body to grieve over', this while insisting that her intended victim died in a painful and terrifying death."

Taycur was arrested by the Metropolitan Police on 11 December 2015 on suspicion of conspiracy to murder. At the time of her arrest, police searched her home and seized £4,000 from her bedroom, which was the amount she was due to pay the "hitman" after a successful killing.

Detective Inspector Foreman said: "Today's sentence reflects the callous and calculated nature of her actions and I hope the length of incarceration brings a measure of comfort to her intended victim who was totally unaware of her plot."