Mullah Omar
Afghan Taliban release detailed biography of Mullah Omar Reuters file photo

The Afghan Taliban have posted a detailed biography of their chief commander Mullah Omar on their website, to commemorate 19 years of his leadership.

By publishing the 5,000-word biography of the insurgent leader, the Islamist group attempts to disprove the swirling rumours that Omar could be dead.

Under the section titled 'His daily activities in the present circumstances,' the organisation says: "In the present crucial conditions and regularly being tracked by the enemy, no major change and disruption has been observed in the routine works of [Mullah Omar]."

The lengthy statement continues: "[Omar] keenly follows and inspects the jihadi activities against the brutal infidel foreign invaders. He remains in touch with the day-to-day happenings of his country as well as the outside world."

Omar has not been seen in public for nearly 13 years and remains one of the most wanted terrorist leaders across the world. The US has a $10 million bounty on his life.

The exact reasons for the Taliban publishing these details now are unclear. Experts have suggested that it could be to strengthen the group's ranks in the wake of defections to the Islamic State (Isis). The Iraq-based IS has been increasing its presence in Afghanistan by recruiting militants in recent weeks.

Nonetheless, the publication of the biography - which contains exhaustive details about his birth, upbringing, and family – has taken security experts by surprise. The memoir went to the extent of listing even his favourite weapon, the RPG 7.

"The Taliban have posted Omar's biography for several strategic reasons -- the most important of which is to counter Daesh [Arabic name for IS] influence in their ranks," Ahmad Sayedi, an expert on Taliban operations, told the AFP news agency.

"This announcement is also meant to show that Omar is alive and well and still in control as the supreme leader of the Taliban."

The latest post has also shed light on some conflicting details such as Omar's birth place and year.