The Afghan Taliban Islamists have launched a fresh attack on Maimana, the capital of the northern Faryab province, following unrest in Kunduz. Taliban's advances have sparked intense fighting with security forces.

Taliban militants began their onslaught on Sunday, 4 October at about 5pm with the fighting continuing through Monday. Local reports suggest the attack was coordinated as the insurgents closed in on the capital from three directions.

"The insurgents were attacked with the tanks and other vehicles but they have massive casualties in clash with the security forces," provincial council head in Faryab, Sayed Abdul Baqi Hashemi told Afghanistan's Tolo News. There were reports of heavy civilian casualties as well. Taliban fighters are thought to be about 20km away from capital Maimana.

The Afghan Taliban has launched a series of attacks in northern Afghanistan against the Kabul administration. Beginning with the Kunduz offensive, one of the significant operations by Taliban since their downfall in 2001, the Taliban have been trying to make their presence felt in the northern parts of the country by capturing key areas.

Subsequent to the Taliban's Kunduz onslaught, the Afghan forces recaptured major positions. Nonetheless, the Islamist fighters are believed to be fighting in order to take Kunduz back from the security forces.