After ‘Secure’ Blackphone, privacy-Centric ‘Secure’ High-End Android Tablet in the Works by Geeksphone and Silent Circle
A blackphone-like 'secure' high-end Android tablet is in the works. Blackphone

Blackphone, touted as the most secure Android smartphone in the world by virtue of its custom PrivatOS secure Android operating system, is now set to get company in the form of a Blackphone 'secure' Android tablet.

According to a CNBC report, the brains behind Blackphone, will be launching a high-end Android tablet running the proprietary PrivatOS.

"Our focus is on privacy, security and control," stated Jon Callas, chief technology officer of Silent Circle – the company that developed Blackphone in collaboration with Spain-based technology startup Geeksphone, to CNBC.

A secure technology device is certainly the need of the hour considering the fact that almost all categories of devices from reputed manufacturers have been compromised by cyber-criminals, constantly on the quest for confidential user information.

However, the secure Blackphone was also reportedly 'hacked' in under five minutes at the recent DefCon hacking conference, by @TeamAndIRC, who are said to have obtained root access in under five minutes.

Hackers declared at the Black Hat security conference that they discovered two security issues in Blackphone's security mechanism.

One issue was exploited by gaining access to the Android Debug Bridge (ADB), and the other issue was exploited by executing a chain of commands to obtain confidential data, by obtaining shell access.

However, the second issue was reportedly fixed, and the first issue regarding opening up ADB is not a vulnerability issue, as the ADB was earlier closed (disabled) to prevent bugs.

As of now, technical details and specifications regarding the expected Blackphone secure Android tablet are yet to be made official by Geeksphone.

However, the secure 'unhackable' tablet once made official by the brains behind Blackphone, will certainly please privacy advocates across the world.