As FX's horror television show "American Horror Story:1984" progresses, things continue to get whacky. Episode 3 just aired and introduced some biggest twists of the season. After an explosive segment, it is obvious that fans can't wait to watch "AHS:1984" episode 4 and here is how it is expected to play out.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for "AHS" season 9 episode. So, steer right away if you don't want to know more about it.]

While Mr. Jingles and the Night Stalker continue to create havoc at the Redwood camp, more mischief-makers are revealed. In episode 3, Nurse Rita is revealed to be an imposter. She is actually Donna Chambers, who helped Mr. Jingles break free from the prison. As for the real Nurse Rita, she was tortured for weeks at the Camp before some counsellors discovered her and later was slaughtered by Mr. Jingles.

Meanwhile, Ray and Chet are attacked by the serial killer but manage to escape. In the biggest shocker, Ray and Montana encounter the Night Stalker. Rather than helping Montana fight the stalker, he escapes on a motorcycle. Unfortunately, he doesn't get too far before he is beheaded by Mr. Jingles. Back in the parking lot, Richard Ramirez and Montana start making out.

When "AHS:1984" returns with episode 4 next week, things continue to get creepy for the campers. Meanwhile, some of the burning questions we are looking answered for are: Donna's true motives, was Margaret involved in the 1970's massacre, what does the Night Stalker want, and why did Mr. Jingles carry out the massacre on the first place?

By the look of the trailer for the upcoming episode titled "True Killers," fans can expect to get some real answers. Mr. Jingles and Margaret come face to face, and she wants to know why did he come back here.

"To finish what I start," replies Mr. Jingles in the trailer.

"All I can hear are children whose summer has been ruined," responds Margaret.

The remaining counsellors at the camp continue to get chased and killed. In addition, the official synopsis spills more details. Mr. Jingles, who is back to the camp for revenge from Margaret, the only survivor of the massacre, gets closer to completing his plan.

Emma Roberts in American Horror Story: Coven
20th Television / FX

"AHS: 1984" features Emma Roberts as Brooke Thompson, Billie Lourd as Montana Duke, Leslie Grossman as Margaret, Angelica Ross as Rita, Zach Villa as Richard, and John Carroll Lynch as Mr. Jingles.

"AHS: 1984" Season 9 episode 4 airs Wednesday on FX.