Artificial intelligence (AI) could take up to 47% of jobs in the next two decades according to a report by the federal government in the US.

While there will be significant potential for wealth gains from increased productivity due to AI, the report also warns of threats to existing jobs. The prolonged use of AI will also bring about wage inequality between lower-skilled, less-educated workers and those with higher skills.

"Effects of AI on the labour market in the near term will continue the trend that computerisation and communication innovations have driven in recent decades. Researchers' estimates on the scale of threatened jobs over the next decade will range from 9 to 47%," says the report titled Artificial Intelligence,
Automation, and the Economy.

Citing the example of the on road transportation industry the report highlights how self-driving technology is almost ready, and in a few years can take over the jobs of drivers especially those working for app based taxis like Uber. Many fast food restaurants are also experimenting with auto dispatch kiosks and self ordering systems threatening a large chunk of the food industry's service staff.

"If these estimates of threatened jobs translate into job displacement, millions of Americans will have their livelihoods significantly altered and potentially face considerable economic challenges in the short- and medium-term," the report states.

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