Air Algerie
Footage of the incident was shown on Algerian TV YiouTube/Elbilad TV

Two airline pilots have been suspended after letting a young boy sit in the cockpit and temporarily take control of the plane. The pilots from Air Algerie were filmed letting the child fly the plane and press some control buttons on the flight between Algiers Houari Boumediene International Airport and Setif Regional Airport.

The child was reportedly an orphan who dreamed of becoming a pilot and was allowed to be in the cockpit as part of an orphans association initiative. Footage of the incident was broadcast during a documentary for Algerian channel Elbilad TV.

According to the Aviation Herald, the boy can been seen taking control of the wheel and instructed to increase power.

He is then told to change the altitude select on the autopilot before switching on the landing lights and seat belt signs.

The flight soon completed its journey to Setif safely with the pilots taking control of the aircraft. Speaking after the flight, one of the pilots said: "He was very disciplined, calm and attentive. I am sure he will be a good pilot."

After the footage emerged, both pilots were suspended by the airline pending an investigation. The pair could still face criminal charges for their incident. A spokesperson for the airline described the pilot's actions as "irresponsible" which could have put the lives of passengers in danger.