Aircraft manufacturer Airbus is introducing wider seats to accommodate overweight passengers.

Expanded from 18in to 20in, the new seats come after frequent complaints from passengers forced to sit next to an overweight person.

Suzana Hrnkovasaid, head of cabin interiors maketing for Airbus, stated that the change in seat size reflected changes in society.
"Over the last 30 years, human bodies have changed. We are bigger, taller, larger shoulders, larger hips. Even are kids are getting bigger, taller than we used to be. So we have an idea to offer extra comfort, extra comfort for our people who want to pay for it and generate additional revenue potential for airlines."

The seats come at a cost though, as Airbus plans to charge users of the extra wide seats a £6.50 fee that could see each aircraft generate £2m from 15 years of service.

Ordinary travellers will suffer from the changes, as to accommodate the expansion of some seats, other seats will be become narrowed from by one inch to 17in.

Written by Alfred Joyner