As with most premium flagship devices, counterfeit versions eventually make it out to the market. There are some that are manufactured to look, feel and function just like the original, but with hidden caveats on board. On the other hand, there are others that can easily be spotted as bogus from at first glance. Gadgets from big-name brands such as Samsung and Apple usually fall prey to bootleggers. Now, the Cupertino-based tech firm's latest item to get copied is the AirPods Pro and the Air i500 Pro TWS (fake) is reportedly as close to the authentic model.

A brand-new pair of AirPods Pro costs around $249 whereas the knockoff version comes it at just $95. When it comes to price, the latter is the clear winner if buyers are looking to purchase one for appearance sake only. A side-by-side comparison from MacRumors shows that the cordless earbuds look exactly the same. Even an expert eye will not be able to tell the difference from afar.

Another comparison was made between the wireless charging cases of each model. Given that the one that comes with the fake also wirelessly charges, it is still quite difficult to tell each one apart. However, the weight gives it away since the latter is noticeably lighter than the AirPods Pro.

What comes after is the "Hey Siri" functionality, which surprisingly works. It seems that the product page for the Air i500 Pro TWS claims it is equipped with an H1 chip from Apple and a Qualcomm Processor.

It is difficult to verify the latter two but the quick swap feature between devices apparently works. Pairing the fake AirPods Pro is practically similar – just open the case and hold down the pairing button at the back – and it should work as intended.

Even if its sounds like the Air i500 Pro TWS gives the consumer more value for their money, there are still some key features missing. For example, the force sensors on the earbud stems, which mean squeeze gestures are not available. Transparency mode and active noise cancellation are likewise absent. To enjoy all of the functionality as advertised by Apple, consumers should purchase the AirPods Pro.

AirPods Pro comparison with $95 knockoff versions
Tech Journalists decided to showcase the difference between an authentic pair of AirPods Pro and a knockoff copy. Photo: Apple