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ChatGPT has arrived on Apple Watch with watchGPT app Wikimedia Commons

ChatGPT is understandably continuing to garner popularity since it has multiple use cases. Tech firms are sparing no effort to cash in on OpenAI's artificial intelligence by trying to bring similar experiences to its users.

Apple's latest internal AI presentation did not reportedly match OpenAI. However, this isn't stopping app developers from bringing ChatGPT to the American tech giant's platforms. As a result, you can now access OpenAI's popular chatbot with the Apple Watch via the watchGPT app.

There's a lot of hype surrounding ChatGPT. An earlier report suggests next-gen AI chatbots could have a human-like avatar and voice. In the meantime, Dutch developer Hidde van der Ploeg has published an application dubbed the watchGPT, which enables you to access ChatGPT on your Apple Watch.

ChatGPT on Apple Watch

ChatGPT made its foray into Apple's ecosystem on March 7, according to a report by Gearrice. You can get the watchGPT app by heading straight to Apple's watch app store. You can get answers directly on your wrist using OpenAI's artificial intelligence.

Unsurprisingly, the application is one of the most purchased on Apple's App Store. Moreover, it topped in the U.S. and was the highest-paying app in the French version of the App Store.

watchGPT use cases

You can ask watchGPT anything orally or by typing on the keyboard of your Apple Watch. The application will then generate a response that you can scroll using the Apple Watch crown. As if that weren't enough, you can share this response via e-mail, SMS, or instant messaging. Alternatively, you can post the response to your social media accounts.

The AI can generate long text without requiring you to even take out your phone or type on the tiny keyboard of your smartwatch. While this was previously possible with Google Assistant and Siri, the AI has a better understanding of the user's request and provides more complex responses than traditional voice assistants. Moreover, you can add a shortcut to watchGPT on the Apple Watch's main time dial.

What else to expect?

Notably, Apple recently won a patent that suggests the Apple Watch will get a built-in camera. Likewise, the watchGPT app will likely undergo a radical overhaul in the coming days. The app can't respond to multiple questions at a time. So, the Dutch developer is gearing up to bring a continuous conversation system to watchGPT.

According to a report by 9To5Mac, the app could soon support an artificial voice that will read the answers. It is also worth noting that the app claims it does not collect data. It is currently available in Spanish, French, Dutch, and English. You can purchase it from the App Store for a one-time price of $3.99 (about € 4,99). It is compatible with iOS 13 and above.

To recall, Apple recently blocked an application integrating ChatGPT since it was not classified as 17 years old and over. However, the age rating for watchGPT on the App Store is 9 years and above. This contradiction shows the ambiguity in Apple's policy regarding integrating AI into the services available in the store.

The watchGPT app includes some bug fixes, improved error messages, and a few prompt improvements, according to the App Store. Although the growth of applied AI is expected to create employment opportunities, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders pointed out, per a Computer World report, while speaking in London, that major disruption across job markets is inevitable.

Furthermore, Sanders warned about the social impact of the impending turmoil in job markets. Apple's former senior director of AI and machine learning has previously made similar warnings.