Hundreds of alien hunters might be heading towards Australian outback in search of extra-terrestrial life. Several UFO enthusiasts have signed up for a raid at a top-secret US military base in Aussieland referred to as "Australia's Area 51."

According to Daily Mail, the mysterious invasion is planned through two Facebook events. The events promise to carry out a raid at the secret satellite surveillance base and so far, more than 300 alien enthusiasts have marked the event as "going."

As per the report, the event inviting alien enthusiasts from across the globe is set up to invade American base Pine Gap that is located close to Alice Springs in Australia. This base is reportedly used by the US to assimilate military intelligence and perform intelligence tasks.

One of the alien-hunting events is titled "Storm Pine Gap AKA Australian Area 51" and will take place on Saturday, November 30.

Earlier this year, more than a million people signed up to storming America's Area 51. However, only 75 people turned up as per the report. Meanwhile, seeing 1.2 million people expressing interest in the event, the US military issued a warning to stop the breach.

Inspired by this event, "Storm Area 51 Australian edition" is the second such alien hunter quest initiated on Facebook. With a provoking description, the administrator of these events promises to give the followers a similar opportunity to meet aliens.

"Don't worry my fellow Australians, you don't need to travel to Nevada cause [sic] we actually have our own Area 51! It's the same as in America, the government is hiding s*** from us," reads the description as quoted by the publication.

"We need to rescue the aliens! Who's with me? I say f**k the government and let's storm that s**t. They can't arrest all of us," adds the administrator.

Meanwhile, speaking to NT News, Northern Territory MLA Gerry Wood responded to the event's popularity. He denied any possibility of finding aliens at Alice Springs and expressed his concerns about getting into trouble for trespassing the highly secured site.

People dressed as aliens
372049 05: Groups dressed as aliens ride through downtown Roswell, New Mexico July 1, 2000 as they participate in the annual UFO Encounter, which runs through July 4, 2000. The annual festival stems from a mysterious crash northwest of Roswell in 1947. The Army initially said it was a UFO crash, but quickly backed off that report. The Pentagon has since said it was a top-secret balloon crash, but UFO enthusiasts don''t believe that story, which gives rise to what has become known as the 'Roswell Incident'. Joe Raedle/Newsmakers

"Besides Alice Springs would be an uncomfortable place for aliens to be, it's too hot. You'll also get in trouble if you storm that place, it's a secure site," Wood said.