Justin Stuller and his family were enjoying a relaxing vacation in Florida Keys, United States when he became a shark attack victim. The experienced diver was trying to retrieve an injured fish from the water when a lemon shark latched onto his leg on Wednesday, July 29. Stuller managed to free himself and get medical assistance. Recovering from the attack, the brave man recalled being bitten by an alligator.

The Florida man was on vacation with his family and friends at the Florida Keys. The group was swimming in the waters and catching rock lobsters. Stuller and his friends frequented the area and they often spotted sharks but they were usually not interested in the swimmers and divers.

Stuller noticed a small injured fish swimming near his wife and children. Knowing that injured fishes attract sharks, the experienced diver decided to put the fish away from his family. He caught the fish and swam to some rocks where he placed the fish. As soon as he left the fish near the rocks, he was struck by a shark. Stuller recalled the force with which the shark hit him. After sinking its teeth into the victim, the shark disengaged and swam off.

Stuller swam to the surface and alerted his group who had no idea of the attack. The group swam to their boat where Stuller's injury was examined. He sustained a five to six-inch-deep bite below his knees as well as a few more puncture wounds to his leg. Stuller's wife decided that her husband needed to be taken to a hospital.

According to USA Today, the boat had a well-stocked first-aid kit. The wounds were cleaned and bandaged well ensuring minimal blood loss. Stuller was taken to Florida Keys Memorial Hospital where he received around two dozen stitches.

The 38-year-old man said that sharks often stole injured fishes from fishermen in the area. He pointed out that he had never been bitten by a shark but had been left scarred after being bitten by an alligator. Due to the fresh stitches, Stuller was unable to join his group in the water the next day. He said that he was disappointed at missing out on the fun but was not resentful towards the lemon shark that bit him.

lemon shark
A lemon shark bit the alligator attack survivor when he was swimming with his family. (Representational image)