Black Friday
Amazon's Mechanical Turk system is being used to hire writers for alt-right promotions Adrian Dennis/ AFP

Alt-right website The Goldwater that reportedly promotes white nationalism has allegedly used Amazon's Mechanical Turk system to recruit writers to generate content for them. The Mechanical Turk is a job board where companies can hire random people from the internet to perform a variety of online tasks such as filling out surveys, transcribing audio or producing content.

Motherboard reports that the white supremacist outlet wants writers to produce "news" articles for $5 (£4), a fee that highlights the alt-right movement. The ad seeks those who can write "news articles for a new conservative news website".

"The article should be written in the style of right-leaning media firebrands Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos—and if you're not familiar with those three men, then the job is not for you."

Although the advert has been removed, online labour advocate Rochelle LaPlante, who spotted these adverts, said she reported the said ad and does not know if Amazon removed it or Goldwater. However, even after the removal of the advertisement, the articles requested on MTurk have appeared on The Goldwater website over the past 24 hours.

"When objectionable HITs are posted, there is a link on the HIT for workers to report it to Amazon, but there is no follow up from Amazon with the worker on what action is taken," said LaPlante.

Ever since the US presidential elections concluded, such websites have been criticised for spreading fake propaganda, through speculative news articles. Both Facebook and Google have said they were clamping down on the spread of fake news that created rifts and controversies.