Leon Zbudowskyj
Mr Zbudowskyj attacked the audience after being heckled during his bizarre performance Facebook

A first-time stripper urinated into his underwear and rubbing it in his hair before attacking a crowd of women, after they booed and threw serviettes during his performance.

Leon Zbudowskyj, 30, was a late stand-in after women had paid to see a professional stripper called Fabio. They had been charged £10 for the performance at the Baltic Inn night spot in Pontyates near Llanelli, south Wales.

To calm his nerves before the show, Zbudowskyj had a few drinks before donning a fireman's fancy dress outfit, Swansea Crown Court heard.

He failed to impress the group, who began heckling the "scrawny" stripper and throwing rolled-up serviettes at him. In retaliation, Zbudowskyj began spitting cream at them, WalesOnline reports.

Zbudowskyj, who has appeared in court over the incident, then bit the nightclub manager and pulled the hair of one woman in the audience.

According to prosecutor Brian Simpson, the defendant "was booked to work as a stripper for a ladies night but he turned up after he'd been drinking."

Simpson added: "He used the gents toilet as a changing room and the compère Deborah Jones saw him pull his trousers down.

"He urinated in his pants then wiped it into his hair saying it's the best hair gel you can get.

"On stage he started spitting cream at the members of the audience. The audience began to boo and throw serviettes at him."

Five police cars were called to tackle the disorder and the stripper was taken away - still in his fireman's gear.

Simpson said: "He appeared agitated and aggressive - he still had his trousers down when he lunged at Mr Morgan [the club's manager], punching him to the side of the head.

"There was a struggle and Zbudowskyj threw a beer glass at him, grabbed him by the face and tried to gouge his eyes.

"He bit Mr Morgan on the chest and he was only released when he managed to twist his body away."

The court heard that Mr Zbudowskyj had 11 previous offences of violence. On one occasion, he had ran through a town centre naked after destroying a flat.

Dr Stephen Attwood, a psychiatrist assessing the defendant's health, told the court that Zbudowskyj was suffering from a mental disorder which "can be treated".

Judge Keith Thomas made Zbudowskyj the subject of a mental health order committing him to a hospital without time limit.

"When he loses control of himself he behaves in an uncontrollable fashion," the Judge said.

"It's only a matter of luck he has not caused serious injury to members of the public through his uncontrollable outbursts."