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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ended on quite a shocking note for several fans who did not see beloved character Gwen Stacy's death coming. However, as per a new theory surrounding the plot of Amazing Spider-Man 3, Gwen might return along with Peter Parker's father, Richard Parker.

A possible story direction for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 could be based on the Clone Saga storyline from the comics, reports Enstars.

Here's how the proposed plot plays out, according to the website:

Gwen and Peter's biology professor Miles Warren, who is also The Jackal, is shattered by the death of Gwen – his secret love. As an expert on cloning, he creates clones of both Gwen and Peter, discovering Peter is Spider-Man. Jackal blames Spider-Man for Gwen's death and wants to kill him. He kidnaps Spider-Man and forces him to fight his clone.

Eventually, the clone dies along with The Jackal. The real Peter Parker's love interest (Mary Jane Watson) in the third film, plays a significant part in distinguishing him from the clone. Gwen Stacy's clone disappears to find a new life for herself.

"This was further hinted through a deleted scene from the second movie where Peter (Andrew Garfield) meets his father at the cemetery while visiting Gwen's grave. While it cuts off before they actually discuss anything, it could be a hint at the clone saga plot moving forward," states Enstars.

See the full deleted scene below.