After the deadly episode 4, "American Horror Story: 1984" is set to air another spine-chilling segment, episode 5, next week. It is titled "Red Dawn" hinting at another night of cruelty and blood bath. Spoilers hint at more chaos and murders at the camping site.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for "AHS: 1984" Episode 5 "Red Dawn."]

"AHS:1984" episode 4 titled "True Killers" made some serious revelations. Margaret revealed herself to be the actual killer of the 1970 massacre. There is one problem, no one knows about Margaret's reality. After being bullied at the hands of the campers, she killed each one of them. However, Richter took the blame and was treated terribly.

The flashback unveiled Montana and Ramirez's backstory and why has he been stalking Brooke. Meanwhile, Richter attempts to kill Xavier in the most brutal manner by locking him up in the oven and turning it on. Though Bertie saves Xavier, but gets killed by the latter mercilessly. Richter ruins Ramirez's plan to get to Brooke, and during the scuffle she manages to escape.

More deaths follow. After Margaret reveals her truth, she shoots Richter and Trevor down. And in the end, Ramirez returns from the dead.

Moving on to "AHS:1984" episode 5, expect more killer twists as the show reaches the mid season. Don't expect the momentum slowing down yet as we still have handful episodes left in "American Horror Story" season 9.

The official synopsis remains vague as always, however, it hints at something big. Before the dawn rises, the remaining campers and survivors will prepare for "a final brawl." Whatever this means, it is clear that there is more bloodshed and brutality in the upcoming episode.

By the look of the trailer, Margaret may not be safe either.

"I will rip you apart," says Mr. Jingles while strangling Margaret's neck with his hands in the trailer.

Elsewhere, Brooke regrets her decision to come to the campsite only to find out the real intentions of Montana.

Billie Lourd
Billie Lourd's performance as Chanel #3 have been widely praised by fans Reuters

"AHS:1984" stars Emma Roberts as Brooke, Billie Lourd as Montana, Leslie Grossman as Margaret, Cody Fern as Xavier, Matthew Morrison as Trevor, Gus Kenworthy as Chet Clancy, Angelica Ross as Rita, and Zach Villa as Richard Ramirez.

"AHS:1984" Season 9 airs Wednesday on FX.