An American plane destined to Istanbul from New York has made an emergency landing in Dublin.

The Delta Airlines plane is said to have landed as a result after a bomb threat on board.

Irish police say nothing suspicious has been found following a search of the Boeing 767, and none of the 206 passengers and crew on board has been reported injured.

This emergency landing comes just hours after a plane destined for Orlando was halted after smoke was seen coming from the cockpit.

Passengers were evacuated from the plane and flights from the West Sussex airport were suspended for an hour.

Liam Moore, a passenger on the flight, told the BBC earlier today that passengers were "really shaken up".

He said: "We were on the plane and everything seemed fine.

"Then the pilot came on the tannoy about 10 minutes into the flight and said we would have to do an emergency landing.

"It all happened so quickly. We landed and suddenly all the doors flung open and the emergency slides were inflated.

"We then had to slide down the shoots, some people got cuts and grazes from the slide."