Amina Tyler
Tunisian activist Amina Tyler, 19 (Facebook)

A Tunisian activist who sparked controversy across the Muslim world for posting topless pictures of herself online has gone missing for the second time.

The mother of Amina Tyler, 19, said she has left the family house where she is believed to have remained since receiving death threats and her whereabouts are unknown.

"My daughter left the house on Friday and we don't know where she is," Tyler's mother, who refused to be identified, told AFP. "I fear for my daughter, who has been receiving psychiatric treatment for six years."

Last week Amina contacted the leader of radical feminist group Femen, Inna Shevchenko, via Skype and said she was being ill-treated by her relatives.

Amina told Shevchenko she was forced to undergo a humiliating "virginity test," sedated "in strong doses" and forced to read the Koran against her will. Femen's website says she is now in a safe place.

"Amina was able to escape from family and take shelter in a safe place," Femen wrote. "She contacted us and confessed terrible and painful story of her kidnapping and of her home arrest against her will."

Amina gained world notoriety last month, by posing topless with the words 'F**k your morals' emblazoned across her chest similar to protests staged by Femen.

Amina had been in contact with Shevchenko and wanted to set up a Tunisian branch of Femen.

Her topless picture triggered a furious reaction from radical Muslim and extremist imam, politician Adel Almi, who heads the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. He subsequently decreed she deserved to be whipped or even stoned to death.

As the controversy mounted Amina disappeared for a few days amid rumours she had been taken by her parents to a psychiatric hospital in Tunisi.

Finally, lawyer and women's rights activist Bouchra Bel Haj Hmida said she was safe home with her family.

Nevertheless, Femen staged a number of bare-breasted protests across Europe as part of a Topless jihad day in her support. The initiative was criticised by a group of Muslim women who launched a counter protest against Femen. Amina herself appeared on video to distance herself from the protests but later said she had been forced to do so.