Rock engraving discovered on Mars
Rock engraving discovered on Mars YouTube screenshot

A rock carving on Mars, bearing an uncanny resemblance to the ancient rock carvings found on Earth, has been discovered by Mars Rover Curiosity.

UFO-Blogger shared images of ancient petroglyphs (rock engraving) on Mars photographed by Nasa's onboard Mars rover Curiosity Mastcam on August 31, 2014.

"The petroglyphs engraved in the rock on Mars look like human figures and it is interesting that the same symbols are found in different parts of the planet earth created in timelines where the people could not have possibly interacted with each other," states a UFO Sightings report.

Check out the images in the video below:

"This puts some exciting possibilities into play. How was the same image created on Mars and on Earth? Does this suggest travelling alien artists that have been around for a very long time?" speculates an Examiner report.

These new findings further fuel rumours and theories suggesting the existence of alien life. Could this mean that UFOs or spacecrafts moved between Earth and Mars much before man invented the wheel?

"As you can see by the image in the video above, there is something on that rock, but what it is and who put it there is the mystery today," states Examiner.