Former Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield is being pretty vocal about his feelings on playing the web-slinger in Sony's doomed reboot. The actor, who recently expressed his excitement over watching Spidey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, spoke again about his take on the role and the challenges - both on and off screen - that he faced.

In his latest interview with Zaki's Corner, The Amazing Spider-Man star was asked what he learnt from 'being' Spider-Man and the actor replied: "Well, nothing, because I was never Spider-Man. Because Spider-Man's a fictional character. He's not real. [laughs] You know what's funny, to give you the vulnerable answer, I thought I was going to be Spider-Man, you know? I went into it going...ego shit came in. It's like, 'Okay, here it is. I'm f---ing Spider-Man. I f---ing made it.' All that shit. I didn't actually make it. I was never Spider-Man."

Providing a deeper analysis on his most popular role till date, he continued, "I was the actor that I am. The person that I am. Struggling with trying to match up with something that I'd elevated so high in my mind. Elevated beyond what I could attain, what I could achieve. The great thing is, that's what Peter Parker was doing as well. Peter Parker created this symbol that he couldn't live up to. It was never enough. He never felt enough, and I never felt enough. I never felt like I was able to do enough. And I couldn't rescue those films...even though I didn't sleep."

Garfield added that it was difficult for him to be in that situation since the character meant a lot to him but he could not make those films "as deep and soulful and life-giving" as he wanted.