Andrew Garfield may not be Spider-Man any more but, as a fan, the actor is super-excited about watching the web-slinger join the Marvel Cinematic Universe – a move that he was reportedly pushing for when he was playing the superhero.

The Amazing Spider-Man actor spoke a bit about the initial plans for a third installment in the series, in an interview with Uproxx, before Sony decided to drop it altogether for a fresh start with Marvel.

"I was actually starting to workshop ideas with Alex Kurtzman, who was going to be writing it [The Amazing Spider-Man 3]. We thought to kind of start from the base level, the foundational level of where have we left Peter and where do we want to see him go and what's logical. And how do we build upon where we left off with this deep, desperate moment with Gwen? So, yeah, we got to some pretty heavy places and I was really excited to kind of explore it and be involved on the ground level like that," said Garfield.

The actor, who was replaced by the studio for a much younger Peter Parker – Tom Holland set to debut as Spidey in the third Captain America movie, Civil War – didn't want to get into the nitty-gritty of what actually transpired between him and the studio during his recent interview with Uproxx, but he revealed that he is really looking forward to Marvel take on Spider-Man.

"To be honest, all the ins and outs of what happened is a more tender conversation that maybe I don't want to talk about in public in a press situation," Garfield told Uproxx. "But all I can say is that I'm stoked to go and watch a Marvel film of Spider-Man."

"I'm really, really grateful for the whole ride of it. And I'm really excited for the next one. I've been petitioning to hook up with Marvel since the beginning, so I'm really glad they're finally doing it," he added.