A man who died in an arson attack in Worcester has been named as a convicted paedophile who preyed on teenage boys, police said.

Andrew Heath, 52, died in his flat in Warndon in December after a fire that started in a wheelie bin was pushed into his porch.

West Mercia Police have confirmed Heath had five convictions in the 1980s and 90s for gross indecency and indecent assault.

Det Chief Insp Paul Williamson said: "I have taken the decision to make public details of previous offences committed by Andrew Heath because it may have some bearing on our inquiries.

"Since his death, a lot of rumours have been circulating around the local community in Warndon about Mr Heath, some of them quite fanciful, and we believe these may have hampered our investigation.

"Whatever Mr Heath did in his past, he died in a terrible way and his family have been left in limbo not knowing what happened to him."

Ten people have been bailed in the arson and murder inquiry, which carries a £20,000 award for information leading to a conviction.

Police have posted notices of the reward to all homes in the local area.

"We need the small number of people who really know what happened the night Andrew Heath died to come forward and speak to us," said Williamson.