andy murray
Andy Murray is currently ranked number two in the men's tennis rankings Getty

Andy Murray is aiming to topple Novak Djokovic and become World No 1 at the end of the season. The Serb's currents mixed form means Murray stands a chance to occupy the top spot for the first time in his career.

Murray, who has 9,345 points to Djokovic's 14,040, comes into the 2016 China Open 4,695 points behind but will have a chance to close the gap in the rankings with the Serb pulling out of the Beijing event due to an elbow injury.

The Scot, who has won the Mutua Madrid Open, US Open, the Wimbledon title and a second Olympic gold medal this year, is confident of closing the gap and moving towards his aim of reaching the number one ranking.

"Trying to reach number one is a goal. I've never been top. It's something I would like to do for the first time, which is maybe more of a motivation for me than some of the guys that have been there before. I want to just try and finish this year strong from a personal point of view. It's been my best season to date, and I want to try and finish it as best I can," Murray said as quoted by

The 29-year-old is making his third appearance in Beijing on a cautious note after taking a much-needed break. Murray had recently admitted that he was desperate for a break following a packed schedule this year.

"I think this week I need to be realistic with maybe how I'm going to play. There's no reason why I can't finish the year strong if I keep my body healthy, stay motivated, have a strong, strong finish to the year," he added.