Angela Merkel arrived in London ahead of a keynote speech to politicans and a meeting with the Queen on a wave of support from an unlikely source - the British public.

The German chancellor, who addressed both houses of Parliament and will meet the Queen for tea, might not enjoy the backing of Europeans, but 44 per cent of Britons think positively of her.

Pollsters Yougov found that despite Britain's rocky relationship with the European Union, in which Merkel wealds considerable power, only 11 per cent did not like her.

German flag
A record-breaking pay deal will give millions of German workers their biggest rise in wages in two decades, boost consumption in Europe\'s biggest economy and help towards adjusting the regional imbalances that have caused severe tensions within the euro zone, analysts said on Sunday. Flickr

The same poll found that historical animosity between Britain and Germany could also have faded after it revealed that 59 per cent of Britons have a positive opinion of the country.

Germany's huge export-led economy has seen the nation assume a key position in the EU and Merkel is often seen as the leader of the supra-national union.

But British people think Germany has disproportionate influence in the region. When asked which country it is most important for the United Kingdom to maintain a good relationship with, Germany was the outright leader, selected by nearly half (45 per cent) of the British public.

Only two other countries were selected by more than 1 per cent – France (11 per cent) and Russia (9 per cent).