Beverly Hills 90210 star, AnnaLynne McCord, accidentally posted a picture of herself topless on Twitter after attempting to send a fan a more restrained image of herself.

McCord tweeted an original image to a fan on the social networking site without realising that her bare breast was still on show, she said.

When fans noticed her nipple in the image, it spread all over the net and McCord deleted the image.

Sneaky Twitter users had managed to save it before it was deleted.

She took it in her stride well though by encouraging fans to share it among themselves, tweeting: "Hahaha! Megan, you feel like sharing? Very funny I actually LOL-ed xxxA."

The actress, who plays Naomi Clark in the updated version of 90210, was trying to send the snap to female fan, Megan Lujan, after a series of tweets this month.

She wrote: "This is for you @meganraee You rock! Xxx A" alongside the picture, which clearly displayed her left nipple.