Members of hacktivist collective Anonymous have launched a new political party in the US to provide a "viable, strategic alternative to the American governing system". The party is called The Humanity Party or THumP and comes with a fully functional website that outlines its principles and directives.

The official website features PDF documents of a proposal for a new American constitution titled, The Constitution Of The United People Of The Republic Of America, as well as a Declaration of Reform and Change.

THumP appoints Voice of Anonymous

In March last year, members of the hacktivist collective met and elect its Board of Directors to lead their movement. The Board appointed one of its Anons as its Voice of Anonymous.

In a statetment THumP said on Monday (20 June): "The name Anonymous has previously been 'a loosely associated international network of activist and hacktivist entities' with no strictly defined philosophy or purpose. Conversely, The Humanity Party announces its formation as a legally registered political party in the United States. It hopes that this political party will unify all sincere Anons throughout the world who seek for social justice and equality. The Humanity Party represents 100% of humanity."

Anonymous is widely known to have no centralised power structure and considering Anonymous' general disdain for politics and any structural bureaucracy, it remains to be seen whether setting up a political party would go down well with all Anons.

Anonymous launches US political party as an 'alternative to American governing system'
The party is called The Humanity Party or THumP and comes with a fully functional website that outlines its principles and directives MOHAMMED AL-SHAIKH/AFP/Getty Images

THumP's plan of action

According to its website, the party "calls for a civil uprising demanding real change of the political status quo, held peacefully and according to law at voting booths throughout the United States and its Districts during the 2016 Presidential election".

The party also aims to endorse and establish "the possibility of a One World Government and a new Constitution that guarantees and provides worldwide basic human rights to all people of Earth."

Further, it intends to introduce a plan that will "unify capitalistic and socialistic agendas and ideologies to provide the FBNL free of charge". However, there is no indication as yet on how the party intends to go about implementing its plans.

THumP also stressed that the party does not accept "donations of any kind" and it depends on the initiative of individual Anons to spread its message by using "peaceful and legal means through social and Internet media".