Anonymous has said it plans to release a "treasure trove" of revelations, "big database dumps" and "defaces", as the online hacktivist group continues its Op Charlie Hebdo (#OpCharlieHebdo) campaign against jihadist websites affiliated to Islamic State (Isis).

A member of the online hacktivist collective told IBTimes UK that a new Twitter account has been set up to replace the @OpCharlieHebdo account, which was shut down by Twitter yesterday (21 January).

Twitter has refused to comment on why the Anonymous account was taken down and has been criticised by members of the amorphous group for stifling free speech.

At the time of its suspension the account had more than 50,000 followers and had been involved in the dissemination of lists containing the Twitter accounts of suspected jihadists, as well as information about Anonymous attacks on jihadist websites.

"We plan on releasing a treasure trove of information in what I call shots of revelations," the Anonymous source, who uses the online handle Cicada, told IBTimes UK.

"Since this is a long term operation, we keep DDoS [distributed denial of service] as a last resort. The people of the world can expect big database dumps and defaces in the coming weeks and months. Since the US's perpetual 'War on Terror' has no end, we have given power back to the people.

"A sustained operation of this magnitude will turn the tables in favour of a free and empowered world rather than a dystopian/Orwellian manifold. This movement was inevitable. Decentralised forces of good always arise in an initially fatuous world."

A separate source from within Anonymous criticised Twitter last week for providing a Hydra-like platform for terrorists to thrive.