Anonyupload Creator: Why Won’t Anonymous Work with me?
Image Credit: Anonyupload

The creator of Anonyupload has attacked the Anonymous collective's insistence that the site is a scam, in an interview with the International Business Times UK.

The Anonyupload landing page appeared on Monday following the high profile shutdown of Megaupload. Alleging to be affiliated with the Anonymous collective, the site's architects posted a statement clarifying they hoped to have it online by 25 January - should they receive the required funding.

"Anonyupload is not a Scam Page. I don't understand Why the Anonymous Group doesn't believe me and doesn't work with me. I'm not an Anonymous Member, but I support Anonymous group," read the initial message.

Carrying on: "I don't use Anonymous brand. Firstly, the Anonymous's Symbol was created by Gu[y] Fawkes. Secondly, I defend Anonymity, and [I] support Anonymous. Finally, I have decided "Anonyupload" for = " In Anonymity, I Upload," commented Anonyupload's creator when asked why he used symbols commonly linked to Anonymous.

The comments refer to previous statements posted on Anonymous' standard information channels, clarifying Anonyuploads had no affiliation with the collective. "FYI - We have NO affiliation with this site, and by the looks of it, this is a SCAM -," read one tweet from the YourAnonNews' Twitter account.

Anonyupload's creator went on to clarify that the site was intended to protest the recent closure and arrest of Megaupload and its staff.

"Because Megaupload was closed. And VideoBB ... have deleted all video. I love the Internet, I love the Sharing, it's why the Internet was built. But with new laws, Government try to censure Internet. Impossible. I don't want to make money with Anonyupload! I want to create the first decentralized upload Network!" Said Anonyupload's creator when asked about their motivation.

Following up, Anonyupload's creator went on to attack Anonymous' negative reaction to the site, claiming they were on the same side.

"I hope that Kin Dotcom will be free, and I hope create a new network for sharing in Anonymity. I hope that Megaupload will come back , because I love to use it. I hope that Anonymous's Group understand that I try to do, and understand that without donation, we can't suc[c]eed," commented Anonyupload's creator. Later adding: "'We, because we are in the same side of the war."

The International Business Times UK verified authenticity of the individual's claim requesting the email's author post a statement on Anonyupload proving their affiliation.

Despite the protective measures it is important to note that the International Business Times UK can not verify the authenticity of the site. It remains unknown if the site is legitimate or whether money being donated to it is actually being used to help fund its development. As noted by Sophos analysts Graham Cluley: "My advice would be to avoid the Anonyupload site, and certainly not donate any money - as you have no way of knowing whose pockets you might be lining."

Anonymous has since published a statement on Pastebin exploring Anonyupload's origin, it can be viewed here.