All eyes will be on Wembley on 29 April, when IBF champion Anthony Joshua takes on Ukrainian Wladimir Klitschko in one of the biggest fights ever to take place on British soil.

The highly-anticipated clash has the world in throes of boxing fever. With money, reputation and legacy all at stake, there is no clear favourite: will the victor be the hungry 27-year-old with something to prove or the experienced 41-year-old fallen champion desperate to reclaim his throne after a defeat to Tyson Fury in 2015.

Bookmakers Betfair are offering 4/9 odds that Joshua beats Klitschko. Models, athletes, models and pop stars will all be ringside at the star-studded event –but who will they be supporting?

Team Joshua

Ex-Manchester United winger Memphis Depay has already predicted the Brit's victory:

Eddie Hearn

Promoter Eddie Hearn is confident that his protégé will come out on top.

Gareth Bale

The Real Madrid star is also in the Brit's corner.

Noel Clarke

Dr Dre

"Wish you good luck man. You know what I gotta tell you, right now you're one of my favourite fighters man

"I was out with some friends last night in the studio and we were looking into some of your highlights man, the most popular saying is 'oh s***'

"Good luck this Saturday man, you probably won't need it. Thank you for everything you're doing with Beats.

Anthony Fowler

Team Klitschko

Mike Tyson

Speaking to Showtime's Jim Gray, the former undisputed heavyweight champion of the World said: "I'd like to see Klitschko win but it's going to be tough. I saw highlights of the other guy Joshua and he's knocking guys out everywhere."

Explaining his reasoning, he added: "If he wins, I win in a strange way because he was in our era. When he goes it means it's over for all of us."

Hayden Panettiere

Behind every great man, there's a great woman –and Klitschko definitely has his. He has been dating 27-year-old Nashville star since 2009 and the couple have a daughter. His fiancee is often spotted ringside for his fights, including his victory over Samuel Peter and the defeat by Fury.

In an interesting turn of events, Tyson Fury himself appears to be supporting Klitschko.


Lennox Lewis

"I'd always go with experience and this fight is no different," former heavyweight champion, Lennox Lewis told the Evening Standard. "Everyone says that Joshua is young, hungry and a champion in the making and they're right. He can win but Wladimir has been in this situation times, plus he has more to prove."